Mandrel and Draw Benders

PRODUCTS: Mandrel and compression tube and pipe bending machines and tooling up to 180mm capacity plus forming and fabrication machinery.
DISTRIBUTION: Australia & New Zealand

Radius Benders delivered its first tube bending machine into the Australian exhaust industry more than 30 years ago and became an Australian leader in the manufacture and sales of tube and pipe  bending machines. Over the span of 30 years the company has grown significantly and broadened its manufacturing base to include other products and services.  Having built many mandrel-type benders over the years and enjoyed a section of that segment of the industry, it was unable to develop its range of mandrel benders due to the high cost of research and development. Radius Benders was therefore delighted to have acquired the sole Australian and New Zealand distributorship for the CSM range of mandrel benders.

CSM, founded in 1982 in Tainan, the base camp of the machinery manufacturing industry of Taiwan, positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of CNC tube bending machines and has become known as a specialist in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of tube bending machinery. CSM has accumulated enormous technical expertise over the years. The product lines encompass CNC automatic tube benders, NC automatic tube benders, compression tube benders (twin-head) and tube processing equipment.

The quality products manufactured by CSM have earned broad acceptance from customers worldwide, especially those in the industries of automotive parts, ship building, heavy & petrochemical engineering, aerospace, furniture, sports & fitness, air conditioning, building decoration, to name but a few.

The success of CSM can be attributed to quality management, talented people, state of the art mechanical design and software programming, and a superior work environment. The company invests heavily in research and development. It values high business ethics and integrity, and has earned the trust of its partners, distributors, customers, employees and stock holders. CSM is proud of its distributor network and the level of support provided by its distributors – Radius Benders included.

Radius Benders has delivered over 15 CSM tube bending machines into the Australian and New Zealand market in the past year and there are now well over 70 CSM mandrel benders in Australia and New Zealand. Among new machines recently delivered and installed by Radius Benders has been two fully electric (no oil) 3 axis CNC 80mm capacity machines in Victoria, both in the exhaust industry.  One machine is fitted with a cut off saw, bending and cutting small parts Mandrel bending is not as cheap as press or compression bending however the costs of mandrel bending machinery have reduced considerably over recent years where it is now a viable asset to many companies both within and outside the auto industry. Our 2 axis machines are gaining wide acceptance in all industries.

Radius Benders is proud to offer the high quality CSM range of tube bending machines and looks forward to receiving your enquiry.

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